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- retired
Breed: Grade Mare
Description: Seal Point Bay
Foaled in 1983
Fun Facts:
Likes to nip when her girth is tightened.
Is the oldest horse in the barn.
Is a favorite horse for beginners.

Registered Name: Ceceilia
Breed: Haflinger
Description: Stocky Palomino Pony
Foaled in 1996

Donated By: Linda Holley

Fun Facts:
Is one of our driving ponies.

Was used for pony rides and was in a parade once.
Is allergic to penicillin.
Is an escape artist. She can open the stall gates like Houdini.
Once opened her stall and let out one of her “friends.”
Has come into the office and ransacked every desk and counter.
Everyone loves Sissy’s blonde eyelashes.

Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: Sorrell

Foaled in 1993
Fun Facts:
Survived EPM – Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis – usually deadly if not treated in time.
Is the favorite horse of all the instructors and volunteers.

Registered Name: Indiana

Breed: Quarter/Morgan Gelding
Description: Bay
Foaled in 1999
Donated by: Michele Feckoury
Fun Facts:
Indy…Is 14.3 hands.
Is Level II Parelli trained.
Is a fast walker – only the fittest volunteers can keep up with Indy.

Registered Name: Wrangler Page
Breed: Quarter Horse Gelding
Description: Brown
Foaled in 2002
Donated by: Ann Hughston
Fun Facts:
Seven…Has a brand with a 77 with a rocker below it. That’s how we came up with the name “Seven” for him.
Was used on a western dude ranch.
Was used for western pleasure competitions.

Registered Name: Glamery Blue
Breed: Connemara Pony
Description: White with baby blue eyes
Foaled in 1997
Donated by: Rhonda Cathy
Fun Facts:
Blue…Is a big Connemara Pony. He is 15 hands and weighs 1100 lbs.
Is a former dressage pony.

Breed: Trakehner/Quarter Horse
Description: Chestnut gelding
Foaled in 1992
Donated by: Mary Margaret Halverson
Fun Facts:
Mozart…15.3 hands tall
Mozart's background is in dressage
Mozart loves peppermints
Mozart is the largest horse we have - a true gentle giant!  He loves his job at CORRAL.

Breed: Tennessee Walking Pony
Description: Black gelding
Foaled in 1994
Donated by: Blalock Stables
Fun Facts:
Rooster…14.2 hands tall
If you hear him whinny, you'll know why he's called Rooster.  He sounds like a Rooster crowing!
Rooster is our shortest horse at the barn.
Rooster is a very animated walker!

Breed: Quarter Cross Dartmoor Pony
Description: Dark Bay gelding
Foaled in 2004
Donated by: Pat & Sally Cheatham
Fun Facts:
Prior to coming to CORRAL Flag was a driving pony that won competitions all over the south, as well as leased out under saddle for a couple of years.
He is a great asset to our program because he can be used for both driving and riding.

Breed: Paint
Description: Chestnut/Tobiano gelding
Foaled in 1994
Donated by: Tim Bleakley
Fun Facts:
His registered name is Reilly's Rage.
Before retiring and coming to CORRAL, he followed his owner from high school competition to college competition.

Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: Sorrel mare
Foaled in 1999
Owned by: Molly Red Roe
Fun Facts:
Belle's owner moved to Newnan from Florida, and Belle was in her wedding this past fall.
Belle's background is in dressage.
Her owner is also a volunteer at CORRAL!

Breed: Appaloosa
Description: Mostly White with Chestnut spots gelding
Foaled in 2005
Owned by: CORRAL
Fun Facts:
Meeko is the newest horse at CORRAL.
He is the youngest horse at CORRAL.
He's still learning his job and manners!


Our resident donkey
Gracie is used in the Nativity each year.